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MiniPal Compact Palletizer-

The compact mini palletizer has been created by an exceptional know-how in this sector, atchieving wide recognition for its overal dimensions and space optimisation.

The MINIPAL palletizer is shipped completly assembledand can be loaded in a standard container.

Installation and commissioning is reduced to minimum as the palletizer is shipped ready to use, and is equiped with user friendly operator interface.

MiniPal palletizer is offering the widest range of palletizing patterns.

Basic Palletizer functions

  • Manual feeding of the empty palets, automatic verion available as an option.
  • Manual extraction of the full palets, automatic verion available as an option.
  • Automatic selection of variety of palletizing paterns.


  • Transport chain for empty pallet feeding and automatic complete palet extraction.
  • Empty pallet magazine.
  • Motorized roller conveyor for bos feeding.
  • System for pneumatic or mechanical boxes pick up.
  • System for boxes collection for multiple pick up.
  • Applicator of anti slip adesive to stabilise boxes.
  • Automatic sheet dispanser.

This cartoner is offering wide capability of carton sizes and can handle variety of products.

Mechanical speed:-
6 boxes/min
Power supply:-
415 VAC/50 Hz
Power installed:-
6 KW
Air pressure:-
6 Bar
Air consumption:-
10 Nl/cycle
Product change-over time:-
5 min
Total weight:-
1100 Kg

Complete turnkeys packaging solutions are available on request.


MiniPal Compact Palletizer

HC120 horizontal continuous cartoner.

MiniPal Compact Palletizer

HC120 horizontal continuous cartoner.


Please contact us on info@jzw.com.au to discuss your application.

MiniPal Compact Palletizer

MiniPal Compact Palletizer.

MiniPal Compact Palletizer

MiniPal Compact Palletizer - process flow.

MiniPal Compact Palletizer

Palet dimensions
Min. - Max.
800 - 1000 mm
1000 - 1200 mm
180 - 1500 mm

HC120 horizontal continuous cartoner.

MiniPal Compact Palletizer

Carton dimensions
Min. - Max.
50 - 250 mm
25 - 100 mm
95 - 315 mm

MiniPal Compact Palletizer

HC120 horizontal continuous cartoner.

e-mail:- info@jzw.com.au

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